Starke Worte mit Persönlichkeit und viel #PaperLove

24. April 2019 |

Viele fragen sich, warum Handlettering so beliebt ist. Dabei liegt die Antwort auf der Hand bzw. auf dem Papier. Mit wenigen, klaren Worten lassen sich kreativere Grüße als per Smartphone-Message übermitteln, wundervolle Poesie teilen, wahre Liebe zeigen oder einfach nur Papier einzigartig veredeln. Für Glückwunschkarten. Für Poster. Für Geschenkanhänger. Für Liebesbriefe. Elegant. Individuell. Persönlich. Charaktervoll.

Unser Wort drauf: Für jede Idee den passenden Marker

The SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker helps all the penmen and letter lovers express their thoughts skilfully. With the help of the elastic brush tip, one can create fine lines and buoyant arches. The 17 bright colour shades allow for intensive loud accents or decent natural tones.

Metallic effects and distinctive lines appear with the KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker that functions not only on paper but also on wood, terracotta, carton and stone finely - in gold, silver and copper.

Wie mit dem Pinsel gezaubert

Messages with the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker can even look as if painted with a brush. In addition, the letters are written with a various degree of pressure on the brush tip - upward movements without pressure and downward movements with strong pressure.

For flat designs - for example for the colourful background for the words - the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker with a wet brush or water tank brush has effective painting properties.

Von Heavy Metal bis zu goldiger Poesie

If one likes metallic-glamourous fonts or distinctive lines and dots, one would best use the KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker. To spread the real metallic pigments in the pen evenly while lettering, it needs to be shaken vigorously for 1-2 minutes with a closed cap. After that, just press the tip onto paper and then shake it again with the cap closed until the colour becomes visible. If necessary, repeat pressing on. Before each repumping, shake the pen up briefly. Tip: After use, put the cap on immediately and store horizontally.