Collage mit KREUL Art Potch

Easy collage – abstract art with scissors and glue

04/26/2023 |

Ever glued art? What may look something like an afternoon craft session is actually a creative technique in acrylic painting: collage. We show you step-by-step how you can use this method to create stylish art for your home. Very intuitive and with the help of greaseproof paper. Join us, follow our tutorial on making a simple collage in acrylic paints. This shows you how easy and playful painting can be.




Step 1: Paint blocks of colour onto greaseproof paper

Collage comes from the French word "coller", meaning "to stick with glue". Different elements are glued to a surface, which together form a new composition. But we aren’t just sticking newspaper clippings, but creating blocks of colour in spring-like, good-mood colour shades.

We start by fixing white greaseproof paper with masking tape to a table or surface? Why use this thin household paper? Precisely because it's so thin and very flexible. Later, you'll be able to stick it almost seamlessly onto your art surface.

Now it's time to get painting! Use a wide flat paintbrush to paint blocks of rosé, mint and yellow shades. This works best with a liquid acrylic paint like SOLO GOYA Acrylic. Different variations on colour lightness make the later acrylic collage more interesting, so here and there we mix in a drop of white. For a striking dark contrast, we also paint blocks in a mix of cobalt blue and black paint. Then leave all the blocks of colour to dry thoroughly!

Step 2: Cut out shapes

"Painting is not colouring, but shaping colours". This quotation from Henri Matisse inspires us to create wonderful shapes. That’s why we cut lots of different elements out of the dried blocks of colour. Big, small, round and organic shapes. And don’t throw away any snippets of paper just yet. You may want to incorporate them as stylish highlights.

Step 3: Glue your collage with KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue

Time to get gluing! We coat the back of the cut-out paper shapes with KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue. The water-based glue is used mostly for decoupage. But it can do so much more, for instance glue collage art. First, the glue looks milky, but it dries transparent. As the surface for our college, we have chosen KREUL Canvas Board. This painting surface is covered with 100 % cotton and provides a stable surface for the collage.

What colours and shapes go together? What gives an exciting contrast? We glue our colour elements completely intuitively and are thrilled with the new composition. Is the paper wrinkling up while you’re gluing? We recommend smoothing the elements from their centre outwards. The thin paper quickly bonds perfectly with the canvas board.

Finish off your artwork with a protective coating. For this, coat your dry artwork with KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue again, after all the glue is both sealant and glue at the same time. This provides effective protection for your acrylic paint collage art. We’re keen to see your own take on this technique! Send us a photo to @kreulpaint and show us.