KREUL Art Potch Serviettentechnik Basteln Schreibtisch Kinder

Learn in a life-affirming way: Upcycling with the KREUL Art Potch

01/21/2021 |

Admittedly, studying at home can be pretty dull. Then it's high time to make schoolwork more varied - with a workstation in amusing candy colours! It goes fast and brings a lot of fun in between writing and juggling numbers. With the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue, we spice up wooden containers with chic motifs. So, pencils, erasers and even loose worksheets finally have a cool place. Whether tropical birds or bright stripes: with a few napkins, special glue and some acrylic paint, things get colourful on the desk. We will show you how easy it is to do.


First of all, clear the desk of all the odds and ends. I'm sure a lot of stuff has accumulated over the last few weeks. Brushes out and open the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint: our wooden marker box is primed in a cheerful lemon or light green. Then we choose a napkin with a brightly coloured motif and peel off the top layer. Has the acrylic primer dried? Then we place the wafer-thin napkin motif on the marker box. Now we are going to use the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue. We paint the special glue over the motif with the clean brush, fix the edges of the napkin well and let everything dry. Done!

The KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue is water-based decorative glue. It looks milky-white in the pot. Don't worry, it dries transparent and the motif remains radiantly beautiful! If you like it even shinier, use the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue Gloss Varnish for the napkin technique. Or would you prefer a little glitter? Then go for the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue Glitter. No matter which version you choose: the special glue ensures that the motif sticks permanently. A great idea for embellishing wood, cardboard, terracotta, ceramics and stone.

That was child's play, wasn't it? Children from the age of 6 can certainly do it all by themselves. We are thrilled with the brightly coloured pencil box. You can't buy such a cool container for pencils and other stationary in the shop. So, we are going to create a stand-up collector for loose worksheets and an extra box for erasers, sharpeners and glue sticks. Now everything is colourful and there is order on the desk again. Because it was so much fun, we will decorate a few more boxes and give them away to our very best friends. After that, we can continue to learn.