Every child is unique! At school as well!

07/22/2019 |

If one looks at the school desks, one would have the same view: always the same school folders with the typical children motifs. That's not cool. On the opposite. But it's so easy to be individual. And with the KREUL text mäx pens for fabric also especially creative.

Certainly, one needs school folders to keep everything together. It would be really cool if kids could design their folders themselves. With the KREUL texi mäx pens for fabric. With their favourite colours, with their favourite motifs. With crayons, triangles and stars. Wildly mixed, in loud blue, gleaming yellow and popular turquoise!

By doing that, boys and girls learn to playfully estimate how much space they have left. They will be excited to experiment with colours and shapes. And they will strengthen their confidence when they proudly show their finished pieces of work - and become cooler than their school mates. Of course, one could also individually design bags or gym bags in this way. 

KREUL texi mäx pens for fabric - there are strong colours for strong kids!

That's how easily and creatively it can be done!

With the help of the sublimate pen, circles and triangles in various sizes will appear on the textile folders.

The sublimate pen is a self-extinguishing trick marker for decorating and marking fabric. The ink disappears  into the air itself, depending on air humidity and the background, through contact with paint or water. However, the ink should be removed before ironing, otherwise the lines will stay there permanently.

It's going to be bright now: The sketched-out templates are drawn and painted with the KREUL texi mäx pen for fabric. Best put backing paper between the two layers - so, the paints will not print through.

To make the motifs washable until 60 °C, mom and dad will simply fix the painted fabric after drying out by ironing under cotton adjustment. By doing that, every side should be fixed for 5 minutes.

Ideal for a fabric that school dreams are made of

  • KREUL Sublimate pen, Art-Nr. 818080
  • KREUL texi mäx Pen for fabric yellow, Art-Nr. 90760
  • KREUL texi mäx Pen for fabric light blue, Art-Nr. 90767
  • KREUL texi mäx Pen for fabric blue, Art-Nr. 90768
  • KREUL texi mäx Pen for fabric turquoise, Art-Nr. 90774
  • KREUL texi mäx Pen for fabric black, Art-Nr. 90771