What's sparkling so magically there?

06/18/2019 |

A dab of gold, a swing of silver - and the textile bags, t-shirts or trousers are already sparkling unbelievably spectacularly. The metallic-shimmering MUCKI Textile Finger Paints allow for something that mom usually doesn't like that much: splashing, daubing and painting on fabric!

Born with magic hands

Even if mom and dad or grandma and grandpa have long forgotten it: children were born with magic hands - their every finger is a magic wand that can create things in the twinkling of an eye. For example, circles. Or daubs. Or hand prints. One certainly needs a bit of glittering paint for that. They must gleam and shimmer and sparkle. And spread mushily between fingers. Then a simple textile bag turns into an exclusive specimen that mom will proudly use for shopping.

Children, run to the paint - and have fun!

The MUCKI Finger Paint for Fabrics Twinkling Magic was developed specially for children from 2 years - and it covers so well that hand prints, foot daubs und dots and lines create a magic effect even on dark fabrics. A nice idea to craft presents for best friends or to design your own favourite pieces in more individually.

The new paint certainly possesses all the MUCKI criteria: it has been dermatologically tested, is paraben free, lactose free and vegan. After complete drying (ca. 24 hours), the artworks are fixed by ironing the wrong side or by heat in the oven - and are afterwards wash resistant up to 40°C.

Wonderful! The MUCKI Finger Paint for Fabrics Twinkling Magic for the great little artists

  • Twinkling Magic-Pink, Art-Nr. 28121
  • Twinkling Magic-Blue, Art-Nr. 28122
  • Twinkling Magic-Silver, Art-Nr. 28123
  • Twinkling Magic-Gold, Art-Nr. 28124
  • MUCKI Finger Paint for Fabrics Twinkling Magic, 4-piece set, Art-Nr. 28120