Drawing fun without end! MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint now in 500ml bottles

03/21/2019 |

Whether at nurseries, kindergartens, day care or children's birthday parties - when colour comes into play, fun starts. And it's good when there is enough paint for everybody at hand. Fortunately, now there's the MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint in big 500ml bottles.

Like the paint in a small container, the MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint in 500ml is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. The consistency is half-transparent, and one can paint on paper, carton, cardboard or wood. And this is important since splashing around and painting together, and best on a big canvas or paper, is important for children, stimulates tactile feelings and excites imagination.

The MUCKI Finger Paints are by now true classics. When one has once felt it in their hands, splashed and painted with them, then one has immediately fallen in love with it. Little and big discoverers especially like the gleaming finger paints in pixie dust rose or dragon silver. The golden treasure also glitters so beautifully - and the small children from 2 years old feel the gleaming paint with their little fingers.

Should a dab appear on the shirt, stay relaxed. Because the gleaming finger paint as well as the MUCKI Finger Paint is well washable at 30 °C.

      The MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint in a 500 ml plastic bottle is available in

  • Pixie dust rose, Art-Nr. 23220
  • Magic purple, Art-Nr. 23221
  • Diamond blue, Art-Nr. 23222
  • Emerald green, Art-Nr. 23223
  • Dragon silver, Art-Nr. 23224
  • Golden treasure, Art-Nr. 23225