DIY Küche Geschirr Design Neon

Neon pink and neon yellow – that's where the party starts.

08/12/2019 |

Summer, sun, barbecue party! We are wildly celebrating the most wonderful time of the year and spread the mood in the neighbourhood. Which colour would pass better there than neon pink? The colour was decorating friendship bracelets or T-shirts at the end of the 80s and treated lightly the monotony of everyday. Think pink! Pink glasses help to take it easy. In the neon option, pink screams for attention and spreads a zest for life. That's how you can celebrate!

But the good mood only goes up. We crown the party and also put neon yellow besides the splashing colour! The bright shade catches the eye immediately and is well visible at twilight. It is not without reason that neon yellow is used as a signalling colour on road traffic. Attention, something is going on here: together with neon pink, a strong combination appears that is trying to outdo the rest in radiance. The trendy combination makes you dizzy and is fun!

Already after few dabs of this colour combination, the effect is visible. A pink popsicle and vibrant yellow pieces of melon: with the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens Neon, we can capture the summer joy on party tableware. The white background intensifies colours and makes them shine. But when the sun goes down, the blacklight turns on. Now the tableware masterpieces shine and steal the show from the snacks. A mini lightshow on the party table - only the base drums are missing. Hyper-hyper!


Combined with the matt colour shades, as the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Chalky Black Carbon, the vibrant glass and porcelain paints work even more strongly. One can design heat-resistant glass, porcelain and ceramic containers originally with these markers. Whether with summer motifs or a trendy message: the pens fit well in the hand. After burning in in the oven, the unique pieces are water-resistant and stay dishwasher safe.


But aren't the bright colour shades worrying? We can soothe any concerns with clear conscience. As the oldest artists' paints factory in Germany, we put emphasis on tradition and consistent quality. To make sure that this also holds true in the future, sustainability is a top priority for us. So, the liquid from the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens Neon consists of at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin.

The neon pink and neon yellow keep to this credo in a different consistency as well. In the KREUL assortment, you can find this vibrant combination as Acrylic Neon Paint and Neon Colour Spray. The loud duo is not for the faint-hearted. The brave ones will be praised by WOW effects and will instantly paint the whole party decoration accordingly. How would it look with pennant chains in neon pink and neon yellow? In blacklight, the neighbours will be able to recognise it from a distance: here the party begins!

  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Neon medium Neon Light, Art-Nr. 16581
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Neon medium Neon Pink, Art-Nr. 16582
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Classic fine Black, Art-Nr. 16412
  • SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Fluorescent Yellow, Art-Nr.17061
  • SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Fluorescent Pink, Art-Nr. 17063
  • KREUL Neon Spray Neon Yellow, Art-Nr. 76371
  • KREUL Neon Spray Neon Pink, Art-Nr. 76372