Upcycling Büro mit KREUL Transfer Marker

New look for home office with the KREUL Transfer Marker

08/08/2019 |

No groundbreaking ideas at the desk and only hesitant appearance in creative flow? Maybe it's because of the outlook of the grey document files and the confusing chaos from pens, paper clips and notes. But not anymore. Creative minds, self-employed and home office workers, listen up: now the pragmatic workplace will turn into a trendy working space! We are introducing an inspiring desk - popular in minimal look and with individual graphic designs. So, working from home will be fun again. What does one need for 'office face lifting'? Actually, only a pen - the KREUL Transfer Marker and a touch of paint.

Graphic honeycomb grid on cardboard boxes, razor-sharp prints on boxes­­, pen holders with casual letters - it's fantastic how practical office objects turn into optic eye-catchers with the help of cool typography. Finally, an order that allows for new ideas. And all that with minimal expenses. The consists of utensils that one already has at home and that get an individual motif. The KREUL Transfer Marker transfers favourite design from paper onto different surfaces like wood, carton or stone.

Finally, a working space where monotonous computer work suddenly starts running smoothly. At last, the self-printed designs assure high performance. With the KREUL Transfer Marker, cork desk pads, storage boxes, flowerpots or sketch books turn into unique specimens. Paperwork lying around has now place where it is kept safely and doesn't disturb.

The stylish working space looks professional but is actually easily designed. Design transferring works perfectly with the KREUL Transfer Marker when the motif is first printed onto a copying paper back-to-front. In the end, the paper is placed with its printed side down onto the surface of the object. Now cover everything with the KREUL Transfer Marker and press evenly with a wooden spatula. The ink releases from the printed motif into the object. Ready, and it's more beautiful than in graphic agencies!

We think that an inspiring look goes beyond the working space at the desk. What do you think of individual business cards with the same appearance? When one transfers with the KREUL Transfer Marker onto firm carton cards, unique contact data appears as if printed. After drying out, the transferred motif is smear- and water-resistant. A coat of KREUL Wooden Glaze creates a touch of transparent paint in watercolour style. Impressively beautiful, not only for creatives that do business from your ideas!

As the oldest German artists' paint factory, we put a great emphasis on experience and want to create sustainable prerequisites for the future. That's why the liquid in the KREUL Transfer Marker consists of at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin.

  • KREUL Transfer Marker edge, Art-Nr. 49931
  • KREUL Wooden Glaze Magenta, Art-Nr. 78507